Selasa, 18 November 2014

Beside You

  Beside You
I wanna be with you. No matter where I am, my feelings stay the same
I understand. I have been selfish and I have bothered you at times
But I’m crazy about you. I call you again and again when we can’t meet
Leaving and returning again, our bond deepens this way

I’m not alone anymore. This isn’t a dream. Grab my hand and never let go
You’re the only one. My love for you will never change
Not in the past, present or future. I’ll be there by your side…

I promised you that day that I will never let go of you
Having faith in the future, we’ve arrived here

Whatever may happen, I’ll be by your side to support you.
I won’t cry alone anymore. If you’re here, nothing scares me and I can climb over any wall

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