Rabu, 19 November 2014


I wait and think of her
I don’t know when I will meet her

It’s a doubtful question
When I can meet her
Night and Day
I had to restrict myself always

I have never gotten tired of seeing her
I will tell her what is in my heart
She doesn’t know, whatever she does, she doesn’t know
That I am concerned about her

Though how difficult it may be
No matter how long
I want her to understand and know

She is paramount, she is everything
To love her without fading

She is my breath, my everything
To have me discard anything, I would

From this point on, my heart will only have her

2 komentar:

  1. Baru sekali main ke sini ;D Salam bloggers
    Besok2 semoga ada yah bikinin saya puisi kek begini :D

  2. Salam :D

    Terimakasih sudah mampir ya :D
    Jika ada yang membuat puisi seperti ini untuk anda, pasti dia sangat mencintai anda :)


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