Selasa, 18 November 2014

I am still a Man

  I am still a Man 
I love you so I have no one but you
I had nothing and that became a sin
For a long time it will be hard
But what can I do, I only have you

my love is deeper than I thought
But why is it so hard?
I can't breathe, frustration is on the tip of my tongue, tears flow
It's no use to cry and yell and cling

Instead I bore with it, trying to find you again
My lonely days are like scenes from a drama
Don't ask any more of my painful story
I will show you my heart again
You just need to be close to me, without any explanation
Because I'm a man I will love you
Because I'm a man I will wait for you

Don't tell me why you left me
You threw me away who was in love
I loved you like I was crazy
I put my whole life into you

I will look upon you and learn what love is
If you don't like that, I will forget you
I loved you like this, like a man
I loved you sometimes miserably

My life was contingent of coldness and hunger
But the thought of having you
Makes flowers bloom like spring in my heart
I love you, only you

My love grows big, and eventually makes you uneasy
My obsession of emotions created by my imagination
Became a heavy burden of love to you
Separation becomes continuous

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