Rabu, 19 November 2014

Our Feel

  Our Feel 
The quiet surface of the water is broken, and a single tear starts an entire wave
That wave is pushed by the wind so that it would reach the far-off distance

It flows within me
A fate more vivid than memory is crying out

We feel the same wish the same
Crossing time
The same promise that is passed on... Deep in mind
We feel the same Can't take away
A limit that won't disappear
For the sake of a strong wish that has been engraved...

I won't run away from anyone, running away is a destiny I won't meet
In each of our hearts, it will be accomplished, that time is waiting for us

The seasons change over and over
Even if the era changes again
Until this day, it hasn't faded

We feel the same wish the same
It resonates
I'll walk the path that you walked... Deep in mind
We feel the same Can't take away
I struggled
When I defeated the fate born of sadness

What I see somewhere in the blue sky
If I believe, no matter how many times, I will be strong

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