Rabu, 19 November 2014

Warrior for You

  Warrior for You 
If it is to receive your love
I’ll even become a warrior, if you need me

Aiming for the sun, these wings fly higher and higher
Melting in the heat, crashing into the deep sea
That kind of story does not resonate in my heart
For I only believe in the fated love

Soaring high, the blue sky burns
Until it is dyed crimson
I will show the worth of this love
For you, if it is for your eyes

Soaring high, crossing over the blue sky
To the ends of the universe yet unseen
I will show you only the brilliance
For you, of stars with my finger

urning a deaf ear, I will break through everything
Nothing is impossible for me
For you, only for your sake, I will be strong

I am overflowing endlessly
With unparalleled self-confidence
This splendid world which you are a part of
I swear to protect it

For I have decided in my heart
The potential to protect this love
For you, I’ll declare no limits to it
I swear…proud of my love, proud of my life

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