Selasa, 10 Maret 2015

Dialogue of Eyes

Dialogue of Eyes

For reasons, I didn’t want to let go of your hand.
There are no words in this world.
Just us repeating the meaningless murmurs.
Please say what you want to say.
Since I cannot listen. 
No gestures allowed.
Dialogues does not exist.
Connections made by the glint of the eyes.
Please show me the light of your eyes.
Earnestness, pain, despair, anger, regret, desire, intimacy, love
Please express all these feelings through your eyes. 

What shall we choose when we eat.
Please tell me if you’ve eaten well, and where we must go with your eyes.
If we look into each other’s eyes, we can read our feelings.
A world without misunderstandings and distortions.
So I can understand you, your feelings while looking into your eyes, we must make an effort.
 Even so, we can never truly understand each other’s thoughts.
Even if you see an action you cannot understand, I can accept it.
Because I may also do the same.
Looking at the light of your eyes is an uncertain vagueness.
They aren’t words without feeling, please illuminate my happiness.

So that I can see myself in your eyes.
Even for just a short while, don’t divert your eyes from my face.
One heart in one glance.
Please illuminate my heart.
The closer your shining eyes are, the better.

If hard words cannot make the heart quiver.
Then, I want to speak with the light of my eyes.
Hear the sound of your eye’s voice.
Because it will furrow far more deeply into your heart.

I will be able to convey what words cannot.
Speak with your eyes.
I want to see the light in your eyes.

3 komentar:

  1. ini lagu apa cerita ya?
    sepertinya lagu ya apakah bahkan sebuah puisi

  2. @Suzy : Maunya sih jadi lagu, tapi belum ketemu nadanya hehe

    Sebuah puisi dari sebuah cerita :)


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