Kamis, 12 Maret 2015

Tears in My Love

Tears in My Love

The person I love with all my heart
The person I miss everyday
Even now
I'm still missing you

The words which are so hard to bear,that the tears come out
I love you

I turn around to know, whether the voice calling me is yours
In the place that you passed by, I'm looking for your figure

Today my love is more than yesterday
I miss you
Even a day or a year goes by
the words will not change

Receiving an undeserved love make me feel afraid
The things I can do for you is nothing much, I'm sorry for that
But definitely I want you to know just one thing
Just believe my love for you

If someone asks me what love is
I will say that the Greatest Love is you
I will talk to the sky
that person that is the most important to me is you

In this world
the person who can replace you
could not be found anywhere

If it not you
The tears will fall day by day

In this world
There is only you

Whenever I see  you, those words make my heart race
make my chest hot
to the extent that the tears come out
I love you

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