Sabtu, 28 November 2015



I'm here, the closest I can be, by your side
And that's just fine for now
One day you'll tell me gently
Tell me the rest of your dreams

What kind of world
Is waiting for us at the end of this path of the unknown?
At this rate will the voiceless voices, disappear without reaching anywhere?

Don't forget Yesterday's memories
It can't be erased Today's regrets as well
Throw them away and recklessly aim for tomorrow
Laugh at your wounds that are shined upon by the morning sun
And continue the endless journey

I know of the headwind,
And yet I still have reason to keep on going
So we comrades
It's still too early for us to live
Just to get old, don't you think

The things I clang to, to things I embraced in my arms
When I let go of them, something starts
I feel a reason to throw away the recipe for living well
Yeah, we'll just do it our way

The night's wind stirs up memories
You were supposed to have ran away and yet here you are
Alone, swaying lazily gazing at the moon
You wish for salvation

This long journey has made us strong
But our wounds that won't heal, again, start to ache

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