Sabtu, 30 April 2016

Hundred Years of Love

Hundred Years of Love

Ever since I met you,
Everything has started to look different,
The voice of the wind, the colors of words
It’s as if I’m being enveloped in a cradle

The changing seasons that I’ve spent with you
I considered all of them precious to me
The sunlight of summer, the scent of winter
They made me feel a reason to live

Gentle and warm
I’m shedding so many tears
I’m happy, but it’s painful
I’m overflowing so much with your presence

Even if time passes, I will never wake up
From this hundred-year-old love

I wonder how much time has passed
Since you fell asleep
The pulsing of the stars, the light of the moon
I hope they will gently bless you

I will never forget
The things you taught me
Our song, the warmth of people
Because they are proof that I’m alive

Gentle and warm
It’s making my chest tighten so much
I want to see you, I want to see you
I love you so much

Even if time passes, it will never fade
Our eternal love

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