Selasa, 14 Juni 2016

Want To Know... But Don't Want To Ask

Want to Know, But Don't Want to Ask

You're so close and merely a breath away
Yet our time together are spent only as friends
But its beyond my control

I always wonder how you feel deep inside
I love you so much, but I've never told you so
I keep secret what is inside my heart
I am just grateful to being this happy

Do you even feel the same?
Have you ever noticed me?
What is this thing going on between us?

Do you have feelings for me?
It's something that I would like to know
It lingers in my heart, but I don't wanna ask
I'm afraid you'll change

I'm better off not inquiring
Because I know if I were to ask
I'm afraid your words might break my heart
And even though the things I do today may not affect you
They may even bother you
Yet I hope you will listen well
To these final words that I wish to dedicate to you
Words that I sifted out from my heart and present to you alone

I don’t know how much longer to the day I can remove you from my heart
Until the good memories can fade away
Until I’ll be able to love someone else again…

Even though you think me insignificant,
Its alright as long as I’m still breathing,
I’ll love you forever…

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